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JEMplate Ready To Use Media Plates
Petri dish (Petri plates), named after German Bacteriologist, are shallow dishes used for culturing cells, bacteria, and mosses. Nutrient Agar or other suitable growth media containing ingredients such as blood, cholesterol, salts, and carbohydrate etc. is widely used to culture bacteria for microbiological assays and experiments like those involving antibiotic and viruses (phages).


Petri Plate with SCDA (TSA) Media.

Plates with size 90mm & 55mm dia.

Custom orders for selective media (bespoke solution).

High quality dehydrated media.

Choice of media (e.g. Difco, Neogen).

Gamma irradiated triple bagged

Sterility and growth performance tests on all lots.

With or without additives e.g. glycerol, polysorbate 80.